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Metaverse Church Summit - May 18 2022

Does the Church belong in the metaverse?

Virtual reality. Crypto. Blockchain. Are these opportunities for the Church?

Sound confusing? Sound too radical? Challenging to your idea of Church?

We totally get it! With everything that culture is throwing at us with mandates, technology, and more, it is easy for us all to want to hunker down in our churches, in our safe communities, put two hands over our ears and just do our best job to ignore it. What was good enough for my parents… is just fine for me, right?

We’re certainly not advocating for throwing caution to the wind and blindly jumping into new things. That lacks wisdom and prayerful consideration. But, what we are giving you the opportunity to do is listen.

We want you to hear from subject matter experts, many of whom are pioneers in these areas, who have asked the important theological questions and decided that light needs to shine in a dark place.

We learned a lot during the pandemic. Some things changed and probably will never go back to the way it was. A lot more stayed the same. But, that didn’t mean that those asking necessary questions were alarmists or completely trying to throw out the mission of the church! Those questions needed to be asked. And, as we come out of the pandemic, we need to have conversations around the answers.

None of us would advocate for putting fingers in our ears, closing our eyes, and just wishing that the pandemic and all that it brought would just go away. That’s simply not effective leadership. In that same vein, we believe that the metaverse, burgeoning technologies, and moves toward decentralization are a fertile ground for questions and conversations.

Join us for this Metaverse Church Summit! Where we will bring in experts, pioneers, and other leaders to do what effective leaders do: start conversations around important issues.

An unparalleled lineup of metaverse practitioners to guide you through these conversations. Hear from Mindy Caliguire, Adam Graber, Chestly Lunday, Stuart McPherson, Jason Poling, L.Michelle Salvant, Aletha Singleton, DJ Soto, Noel Thomas, Michael Uzdavines, Enrico Pellini, and Bill Willenbrock.

WEDNESDAY MAY 18, 1:00-4:00PM ET.

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