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Livro: Memory and Manuscript

Culturas Orais-Aurais e TOB - sugestão de leitura.

GERHARDSSON, Birger. Memory and Manuscript: Oral Tradition and Written Transmission in Rabbinic Judaism and Early Christianity. Translated by E. J. SHARPE. (Acta Seminarii Neotestamentici Upsaliensis, XXII.) Uppsala: C. W. K. Gleerup, Ejnar Munksgaard. 1961.

This book is interesting concerning the time from the oral delivery of the Gospel message being written. Birger Gerhardsson's much-debated works on the transmission of tradition in Rabbinic Judaism and early Christianity. In Memory and Manuscript (1961), Gerhardsson explores the way in which Jewish rabbis during the first Christian centuries preserved and passed on their sacred tradition, and he shows how early Christianity is better understood in light of how that tradition developed in Rabbinic Judaism.

Birger Gerhardsson (1926-2013) foi um estudioso sueco do Novo Testamento e professor na Faculdade de Teologia da Universidade de Lund, Suécia. Seu foco acadêmico primário era a transmissão e o desenvolvimento das tradições orais dos evangelhos do Novo Testamento.


Ch.01 – Written and oral Torah

The transmission of the written Torah

Ch.02 – The attitude to the text

Ch.03 – Deliberate and methodical preservation of the text

Ch.04 – The importance of elementary teaching for the preservation of the text

Ch.05 – The importance of public worship for the preservation of the text

The transmission of the oral Torah

Ch.06 – The task and its limitations

Ch.07 – The character and divisions of the oral Torah

Ch.08 – Schools for the study of oral Torah

Ch.09 – How oral Torah is carried

Ch.10 – How oral Torah is passed on

Ch.11 – Some details of the theory and practice of transmission

Ch.12 – The origins of oral Torah

The delivery of the gospel tradition in early Christianity

Ch.13 – The testimony of the post-apostolic Church

Ch.14 – The witness of Luke

Ch.15 – The evidence of Paul

Ch.16 – The origins and transmission of the gospel tradition

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