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Livro: Oral Interpretation of the Bible

Culturas Orais-Aurais e TOB - sugestão de leitura.

BERGER, Daniel. Oral Interpretation of the Bible. Wipf & Stock Publishers. 2003.

Daniel R. Berger is Professor and Chair of Communication at Simpson University, Redding, California. He earned his BS in pastoral ministries from Western Baptist College in 1978, his MDiv from North American Baptist Seminary in 1981, and his PhD in rhetoric from the University of Oregon in 1990. He is an ordained minister and has been a pastor of several churches and taught at several colleges and universities.



Chapter 1 Ends and Processes: Philosophy and Ethics

Chapter 2 Empathetic Communication: A Community-Shared Experience of the text

Chapter 3 The Reader: Ethos and Understanding…

Chapter 4 Deciphering Meaning: Hermeneutical Principles

Chapter 5 Philosophical Approaches to Biblical Meaning…

Chapter 6 Technique

Chapter 7 Reading the Bible

Chapter 8 Story…

Chapter 9 Odd and Ends

Appendix A: Worksheet for Interpretation…

Appendix B: Scoring Guide

Appendix C: Matthew 13:3-9…

Appendix D: Psalm 23…

Appendix E: Accentuating Sounds

Appendix F: Exercises in Emphasis


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