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Livro: Bible and Mission

Culturas Orais-Aurais e TOB - sugestão de leitura.

Hoggarth, Pauline; Macdonald, Fergus; Mitchell, Bill; and Jorgensen, Knud, "Bible in Mission" (2013). Edinburgh Centenary Series. 3.

While the essays in this volume contribute individually to collective reflection on the Bible in mission, the larger significance of the book is greater than the sum of its parts. First it must be noted that the volume is part of the larger 2010 process, a collection of essays that grew from a “transversal” theme identified for the centennial of the World Missionary Conference at Edinburgh. As such, it joins a rich collection of contemporary missiological reflection generated by the series of 2010 meetings.


Pauline Hoggarth, University of Edinburgh

Fergus Macdonald, University of Edinburgh

Bill Mitchell, University of Edinburgh

Knud Jorgensen, University of Edinburgh



Editorial Introduction: The Bible in Mission 1

The Bible in Mission – and the Surprising Ways of God

The Bible as Text for Mission

The World

The Bible in Mission: The Modern/Postmodern Western Context

The Bible in Mission in the Islamic Context

The Bible in Christian Mission among the Hindus

Children, Mission and the Bible: A Global Perspective

The Church

The Bible in Mission: Evangelical/Pentecostal View

Bible Hermeneutics in Mission – A Western Protestant Perspective

Orthodox Perspectives on Bible and Mission

‘Ignorantia Scripturae ignorantia Christi est’

Baka Bible Translation and Oral Biblical Narrative Performance

The UBS HIV Good Samaritan Program

The Bible and the Poor

The Bible and Care of Creation

Asia – Pacific

‘Text of Life’ and ‘Text for Life’: The Bible as the Living and Life-Giving Word of God for the Dalits

Bible Missions in China

The Impact and Role of the Bible in Big Flowery Miao Community

Bible Engagement among Australian Young People

Latin America

The Bible and Children in Mission

Bible Translation, the Quechua People and Protestant Church Growth in the Andes

The Bible in Mission: Women Facing the Word


Biblical Advocacy – Advocating for the Bible in an Alien Culture

Scripture Engagement and Living Life as a Message

Reading the Bible with Today’s Jephthahs: Scripture and Mission at Tierra Nueva

Lessons Learned from the REVEAL Spiritual Life Survey

Glazed Eyes and Disbelief

Information Management and Delivery of the Bible


The Bible as the Core of Mission: ‘…for the Bible tells me so’

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