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Jornais. Missões. Pesquisa.

Mission Hits Journals #11 (Junho-September 2023)

Trabalho do Chris Howles.


(1) Global Missiology (July 2023, Vol. 20.3)

(2) Missionalia (2023, Vol. 51)

(3) Great Commission Research Journal (Fall 2023, Vol. 15.2)

(4A) Mission Frontiers (July-Aug, Vol. 45.4)

(4B) Mission Frontiers (Sep-Oct, Vol. 45.5)

(5) Oxford Journal for Intercultural Mission (Summer 2023, Vol. 2)

(6A) Lausanne Global Analysis (July 2023, Vol. 12.4)

(6B) Lausanne Global Analysis (Sep 2023, Vol. 12.5)

(7) The International Journal of Frontier Missions (April-Dec 2022 , Vol. 39.2-4)

(8) Missional Focus (Sep 2023, Vol. 2.2)

(9) Mission Round Table (June 2023, Vol. 18.1)

(10) Ecclesial Futures (June 2023, Vol. 4.1)

(11) Seedbed (May 2023, Vol 34.1)

(12) Quarterly Bulletin of the Asia Missions Association (Summer 2023, Vol. 80)

(13) Ethnodoxology: Global Forum on Arts and Christian Faith (2023, Vol. 11.1)

(14) Journal of Mother-Tongue Biblical Hermeneutics and Theology (Apr-Sep 2023, Vol. 5.5-7)

(1) Global Missiology

July 2023, Vol. 20.3 (Free Access)

The Role of Listening in Intercultural Settings: The Empathetic Act of Listening Gives Voice to Marginalized People Groups

Joey R. Peyton

Preventing Abuses in the International Aid Sector: A Global Effort, and a British-based Case Study

Jim Harries

The Miracle Theology Factor in Pentecostal Churches in Owerri

Ifeanyi J. Okeke

An Elusive Consensus: Traits and Competencies of Movement Catalysts

Gene Daniels & Emanuel Prinz

(2) Missionalia

2023, Vol. 51 (Free Access)

Changing Africa Reflections on family involvement in African Christian marriage

Marilyn Naidoo, Gugulethu Engelbetter Ndlovu

Repositioning Theological Institutions for Urban Ministry - A Case for the Kampala Evangelical School of Theology (KEST)

Emmanuel Akatukunda

Diaconate as model of ministry for urban locations

John S Klaasen

Theological Education for “Christian Witness in a Multi-Religious World”

Bernhard Ott

Disciple-Making Movement as an Effective Operational Model for Christian Missions amid Insecurity

Benjamin Isola Akano

Constructing an Urban Theology of Liberation in South Africa Today: A Transdisciplinary Praxis-Approach in the Interface between (Urban) Faith, Politics and Planning

Stephan de Beer

Reimagining How Urban Theology can be used as a Theological Tool that Links Faith and Justice in South Africa

Innocent Mabheka

Missionary ventures of Ghanaian Pentecostals in Europe An exploration of “Reverse Mission” within the Church of Pentecost in Belgium

Kwame Oppong-Konadu

Shall the sun ever rise on South Africa’s new dawn? A missiology of hope redefined

Zuze Johannes Banda

The impact of immigration on the concept of African marriage – A pastoral theological study

Elijah Baloyi

Mission as "crossing frontiers"? - a New Mission Theological Reflection on the Mission Concept of David Bosch

Tianji Ma

(3) Great Commission Research Journal

Fall 2023 , Vol. 15.2 (Free Access)

Survey and Questionnaire Design for Church-Based Research

David R. Dunaetz

How a Novel Research Framework Resulted in Fruitful Evangelism and Discovery: Introducing Ethnoscopy and Spiritual Patronage

L. Lynn Thigpen

Disciple Making Starts at a Different Point Today

Brad Ransom

Need-Oriented Evangelism: Encountering, Embracing, and Experiencing God

Petr Činčala and Allison Sauceda

(4A) Mission Frontiers - "Mobilizing the Church to Reach All Peoples"

July-Aug 2023, Vol. 45.4 (Free Access)

Where Are We Now? A New Mobilization Era

Ryan Shaw

Mobilizing the Filipino Diaspora for Effective Missions

David S. Lim

MOBIOLOGY: An Introduction

Max Chismon

Challenges & Opportunities of Mobilization in the Post-COVID World

Mike Adegbile

Redefining Revival for a New Generation

David Smithers

Growing in Mobilization Prayer

Ryan Shaw

The Mobilization Index

Dr. Steve Shadrach

“Go Where?”

Chris Maynard

The Astonishing Power & Progress of God’s Promise

Robby Butler

(4B) Mission Frontiers 'Arts, Worship, and Mission in Today’s Church'

Sep-Oct 2023, Vol. 45.5 (Free Access)

Why Arts & Mission Belong Together

James R. Krabill

Seven Core Values That Guide the Global Ethnodoxology Network

Becky Robertson

The Future of Ethnodoxology in Arts and Mission

Robin Harris

The Astonishing Power & Progress of God’s Promise (Part 2)

Robby Butler

(5) Oxford Journal for Intercultural Mission

Summer 2023, Vol. 2 (Free Access)

The Church Is Not Called to Race or Colour Blindness

Daniel Odhiambo

Symptoms Of Institutional Racism in The Church of England

John Root

Cleansing Racism Through Truth-Telling and Reconciliation

Guy Hewitt

30 Years After Stephen Lawrence’s Murder, How Much Progress Has the Church Made In Racial Justice?

Isaac Charles Bortey Borquaye

The Church Can Provide an Appropriate Intercultural Worship Service

John Root

Why Has Windrush Had So Much Attention, 75 Years On?

John Root & Lara Deen

God’s Heart for All Nations: Fostering Inclusion, Bridging Divides, Growing Understanding

Tim Wambunya

(6A) Lausanne Global Analysis

July 2023, Vol. 12.4 (Free Access)

Living the Gospel in Conflict Zones

Eraston K. Kighoma and CJ Davison

Reflections on the Baptist Response to the War in Ukraine

Alan Donaldson

Racial Justice in Mexico and Latin America

Dinorah B. Méndez

A Holistic Vision of Mission in Changing Times

Sam Cho

(6B) Lausanne Global Analysis

Sep 2023, Vol. 12.5 (Free Access)

Innovative Integration and Collaboration on the Mission Field

Steve Sang-Cheol Moon

Beyond Self-Support Fundraising for Missions

Kirst Rievan

Islamic Economics for Christian Ministry and Mission

John Cheong

The Legacy of Ronald J. Sider

Al Tizon

(7) The International Journal of Frontier Missions

April-Dec 2022, Vol. 39.2-4 (Free Access)

Refining Our Religious Sensibility

Brad Gill

Crossing Religious and Cultural Frontiers: Rethinking Mission as Inreligionisation & Response

Kang-San Tan

Making Disciples, Contextualization, and Inreligionization: Some Reflections & Response

Harold A. Netland

Udayanacharya's Samvāda and the Dialogue of Traditions: a Model of Inreligionization

Brainerd Prince

The Faith of Fatima: A Case Study of Muslim Followers of Jesus & Response

Anna Travis

What Gets "Converted"? Reflections on Language and Images of Religious Conversion & Response

Darren Duerksen

Dual Religious Belonging as a Contextualised Faith?

Kang-San Tan

The Life and Thought of R. C. Das: His Theology of Interreligious (Hindu-Christian) Relations

H. L. Richard

Ceremonialism: Ritual as a Pathway for Relationship

Elizabeth L. Walker

A Psalmody for Jesu Bhaktas: Hindu Jesu Bhakti in the Poems of Swamy Dayanand Bharati (b. 1952)

Herbert Hoefer

(8) Missional Focus

Sep 2023, Vol. 2.2 (Free Access)

Seeking Shalom

Marijke Hoek

A Theological Reflection on Loss and Damage

Bob Kikuyu

An Interview with Robert Beckford

Carol Clarke

Understanding Power, Abuse and Trauma

Merethe Turner

An Interview with Caroline Pomeroy

Andy Kingston-Smith

(9) Mission Round Table 'Race, Ethnicity, Bible, and Mission'

June 2023, Vol. 18.1 (Free Access)

James 2:1–13 Favouritism Is Forbidden

David Eastwood

Time to Talk about Race: Colorblindness and Missiology

Kirsteen Kim

“Should White People Be Missionaries Overseas?” Absurd Question or Pathway to Reimagining Missional Faithfulness in a Postcolonial World?

Peter Rowan

Power, Weakness, and Status Reversal


The Formation, Growth, and Development of the Hong Kong Council of the Overseas Missionary Fellowship

Tze Pui & Caoji

The Rest of Your Lives

Rose Scott

(10) Ecclesial Futures 'Current Missional Church Perspectives in South Korea'

June 2023, Vol. 4.1 (Free Access)

How to Make the Best Ganjang Gejang: The Missional Church Movement in Korea Evaluation and Proposal

Seung-hyun Chung

The Metaverse as a Digital Missionary Site

Sung Hyuk Nam

Churches’ Missional Engagement During the Pandemic and Afterwards in Korea

Bokyoung Park

Missional Discipleship in Post-Pandemic Korea: The Case of Suwonsung Church

Bright Myeong-Seok Lee

Mongolian Migrants in a Korean Missional Church: The Case of Nasom Community

Seon-Yi Lee

Balancing Visible and Invisible Belonging for Korean Migrant Missional Churches in Aotearoa New Zealand

Hyeong-kyoon Kim

Small Missional Church as an Alternative in the Period of Church Decline in Korea

An-wei Tan

(10) Great Commission Research Journal

Spring 2023 , Vol. 15.1 (Free Access)

Metrics and Measurements in Church-Based Research

David R. Dunaetz

The Top Ten Challenges Facing Churches in 2023

Eddie E. Moody, Jr.

Growing and Declining Churches Face Different Challenges: A Statistical Analysis of the Top Ten Challenges Facing Churches Study

David R. Dunaetz

Relationship Building for Evangelism Among English Language Learners in China

Ryan Jensen

Trust, Scripture, and the Spirit as Core Values of Evangelism in a Chinantec Village in Oaxaca, Mexico

Eliseo Arce Hernandez and Ashley Stamper

A Bibliometric Analysis of the Great Commission Research Journal 2009-2019

Glenn R. Wittig

Finding Them, Keeping Them – Strategies for Evangelism and Assimilation: A Review of the Books Written by Gary L. McIntosh

Gordon E. Penfold

My Pilgrimage in Church Growth

Gary L. McIntosh

(11) Seedbed 'Forming and Envisioning Biblical Ekklesia'

May 2023, Vol 34.1 (Free Access following sign-up vetting)

Miracles in the Middle East: Ekklésia-Formation Insights from Muslim-Background Churches .

S Antonio

"Does Jesus Think This Group is a Church?": Defining and Pursuing Church Identity and Health

Howard Bell

Further Reflections on Church Formation, Identity. and Health: A Response to "Does Jesus Think This Group is a Church?"

Neil Van Hyderstodt

Sustaining Healthy Churches in Movements: Leveraging the Five Roles of Ephesians 4 for Multiplying Leaders in CPMs

Todd Lafferty

Forests. Lighthouses. and Jellyfish: Reimagining the Relationship between Movemental and Traditional Churches .

Scott Bresljn

Baptism: Its Theological Meaning and Practical Outworking of Its Application

Andrew Hope

(12) Quarterly Bulletin of the Asia Missions Association

Summer 2023, Vol. 80 (Free Access)

The State of World Missions Today (& the Unfinished Task)

Marvin J. Newell

Challenges from Changes are Opportunities: Reducing Gaps in Recovering

Irene Lee

Missions in the “Network Society”

Eldon Porter

Solving the Training Problem: Best Practices in Online Leadership Education in a Post-Pandemic World

John Edmiston

Mentoring in Missions

Lisa Espineli Chinn

Embracing Creation Care: A Theological Call for Environmental Stewardship

Chuck Baclagon

(13) Ethnodoxology: Global Forum on Arts and Christian Faith

2023, Vol. 11.1 (Free Access)

Narrative Structure in West African Dramatic Films: Localization and Globalization

Sarah Jane Capper

Art and Mission: Four Questions

Miriam Adeney

(14) Journal of Mother-Tongue Biblical Hermeneutics and Theology

April-Sep 2023, Vol. 5.5-7 (Free Access)

Praying through the Lord’s Prayer with Meaning and Significance: Mother-tongue Theological Hermeneutical Study of Mathew 6: 9-13

John Kwasi Fosu

Mother-Tongue Theological Hermeneutics: In Search of Relevant Glocal Interpretation of Scripture

John Kwasi Fosu

An Examination of ἁμαρτια (sin) in 1 John and the Akan Concept of Bɔne (sin)

Felix Cornelius Agyei & Jonathan Edward Tetteh Kuwornu-Adjaottor

The Ecumenical Conception of Public Life Praxis: The Case of Zimbabwe

John Gaga, Gift Masengwe &Bekithemba Dube

The Bible and Public Theology in African Christianity

Kwabena Opuni-Frimpong

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