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Send a Brazilian missionary to L4

Dear brothers and sisters!


The Fourth Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization (L4) will be held in Seoul, South Korea, from September 22-28, 2024. The purpose of this important congress is to accelerate cooperative action to fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus. I'm praying for 99 people who can invest thirty dollars ($30) to make this trip. I hereby invite you to financially support my participation as a representative of the Brazilian Church.


My name is Rodrigo Tinoco. I am married to Sarah and we have 4 kids. I am a full-time missionary. Our house is supported by families, churches and organizations that invest in our ministry. I believe that the Holy Spirit will provide opportunities for me to work with others, both locally and globally, to address the most pressing needs, gaps and strategic opportunities in the mission work before us.


I kindly ask that you consider partnering with me both prayerfully and financially as I raise the funds needed to attend the L4. The three main reasons to attend in this edition of the Lausanne Congress are:


1) Improve the level of intersectoral ministerial cooperation as I am currently a participant in 4 Issue Networks: Research and Strategic Information, Orality, Ministry Fundraising, Scripture Engagement (Audio Bible).


2) Recognition, by the organizing committee, for my participation in the "Research and Strategic Information" Issue Network. I had the honor of being part of the team that wrote the article "Ministry Data In A Digital Age", which will be published in the document "State of the Great Commission Report (SoGC)", one of the main proceedings of the congress.


3) Invitation to attend 8 meetings during the Congress, as representatives of some organizations from Latin America and Brazil, such as: AMTB (Research Department), COMIBAM (Research Department), APTB (WGA Tables), SEPAL (OC International), among others.


To cover the cost of the trip, I need to raise a total of $2,950. This includes my registration fee ($500), as well as travel ($1750), lodging ($400), and food ($300). This is a personal invitation to you. I'm praying for 99 people who can invest $30 (or any amount). What do you think? Could you be one of these them?

I am doing this fundraising campaign because of the importance that the Lausanne Movement had in the formation of my ministry. If I can participate in this congress, which is held on average every 15 years, I am sure it will be a strategic moment to contribute to the global church. It will also be a learning experience that will strengthen future actions in Brazil and Latin America until everyone hears the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you for your prayers.


Rodrigo Tinoco (Brazil)

WhatsApp: +55.619.9966.4046

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